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Got twigs?

Twigs (i.e. willow branches and sticks - and even antler sheds) have been used to make furniture - since someone figured out they needed a place to sit and a table to work upon.  This genre of rustic furniture is referred to by many names such as twig, willow, stick, bentwood and wicker.  As those terms imply, furnishings are typically fashioned from readily available and renewable natural resources. 

Twig furniture is green

It can be argued that twig furniture employs the greenest of the green building materials and construction methods.  Craftsmen don't need special power tools to build most twig furniture, but they do require imagination to create such inventive designs as you'll see on these pages. 

Many of the chairs, tables, plant stands and other twig furniture pieces we see are are made from willow.  The willow plant  is soft, and not as sturdy as other types of wood.  It grows year round and is generally found beside streams and marshes.  When harvested, new shoots grow from the stump, thus twig furniture made from the willow is ecologically friendly.  The willow will continue to grow year after year and is almost impossible to eradicate.  Some states (such as Texas), classify willow as a "weed" and permit free harvesting.

Build your own?

Want to build your own twig furniture?  Check out these excellent resources or get free plans to build a stick chair.  Complete instructions from Diamond Willow Sticks.


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Personality of twig furniture

Twig (or willow and stick) furniture inherits it's personality and enchantment directly from nature itself.  Eco-friendly, beautiful and boasting a proud heritage, rustic twig decor is as much at home in a log cabin as it is in a NY midtown apartment.

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