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Custom Rustic is devoted to producing functional rustic objects imbued with artistic merit and technical integrity.  My furniture captures the essence of the living tree by allowing its organic quality to remain as shape, line and texture in a finished piece.
Phone:  819-832-4969
Address: #222 Route 112
City:    Bishopton, Quebec
Zip:     QC J0B 1G0
Type:   Rustic Furniture
Kim Creations I like my work to remember that it comes from the trees, for example to see the branches that form the forest on the back of a chair.  I want the viewer to be asking themselves:  Is this a chair being a tree, Or a tree being a chair?  I strive to keep the work organic in nature, so that you are always aware of where the materials came from.
Type:   Twig Furniture

Suggestion: Most Canadian twig furniture and rustic decor companies ship their works all over Canada and the USA, not just in the Province in which they are located.  If you don't find what you are looking for on this page, try browsing the following provinces:

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